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Aug 10, 2020

Joining Suzanne Lynn this week are authors Courtney Loney (“Know Him”), Mike Kelso (“One on One”), and JM Ricketts (“TRAS - The Real Adult Superstore”). Also, Dr. Chuck Reinertsen from Lifetime Dental asks the question, “Why are there no dentists in hospitals?”

“Know Him” by Courtney Loney - Great Aunt Helen needs help and Sutton and her family decide it’s a great opportunity to spend the summer down in Coopersville. There she meets the curly-headed cutie with the beautiful eyes who works at the Pizza Shack, Luke. It seems like the perfect love story is unfolding for Sutton and Luke but what will happen at the end of the summer? When tragedy strikes Sutton is faced with the harsh reality that Luke may not actually be who she thinks he is. Has Sutton been living a lie? Are her and Luke meant to be? She’ll do everything she can to find out.

“One on One” by Mike Kelso - Corrections Officer Emil Sorn believed the inmates at Larsan State Prison were coddled by the system, had too many rights, and never received any real punishment for their crimes. As sergeant in charge of the evening shift, disrespect or disobedience in any form was dealt with swiftly, severely, and quietly. The idea started in a bar after a couple of drinks, and like most ideas so conceived, it should’ve stayed there. If the accused is granted the right to face their accuser, then the victim should have the right to confront the perpetrator. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. There is a fine line between Justice and Revenge. Emil Sorn is about to cross it.

“TRAS - The Real Adult Superstore” by JM Ricketts - Welcome to The Real Adult Superstore, where it only takes one visit to change your life forever. Are you brave enough to enter? Bill’s been a loyal and caring husband to his wife Shelly for nearly thirty years. However. like most men, he’s useless when it comes to choosing gifts, and since he bought her pans for Christmas two years ago, their loving marriage has dwindled. It’s now Shelly’s upcoming fiftieth birthday and seeing as he’s dreading making such a big mistake again, he dreams of giving her something special for it. So he decides to ask her for a clue as to what she’d really like. However, when he gets her response. “Surprise me and use your imagination,” his dreams turn into a nightmare when his choice of gifts lead him to get on the wrong side of a sadistic sexual cult, and he finds himself having to do what no-one else has been able to do, and beat their version of the ‘Wheel of Fortune game’ to live, but if he does, he’ll walk away with sixty-four million dollars in prize money.