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Aug 17, 2020

Joining Suzanne Lynn this week are authors S.E. Lewinsky (“Melt With You: Made in Mexico”), Carly Tinkler (“Black Dog Sunday”), and Tom Kay (“The Mysteries of Emile Cairo”), along with Yolanda Frazier from Enough International, a nonprofit resource organization that provides strategies and tools necessary to help those in need be successful and live productive lives.


“Melt with You: Made in Mexico” by S.E. Lewinski - Who the Hell is Juana V? Well, she is a funny, very lively woman who lives in the state of Querétaro, Mexico. This book will move your world and motivate you to overcome obstacles in life. Juana has this elusive search for her romantic man, but fails in every possible way. Of course, Juana takes everything in stride, having a sense of humor, being poor, and on the other side of the great wall ... life is what it is. Her wing-man is not some Marvel Super Hero, but a down to earth furry partner. The book is written with some Spanglish and includes a Gringo Glossary for those colorful metaphoric words that Juana expresses on a regular basis. If any of the words quake you, as Juana would say, it's her reality so deal with it. Yes, Juana has a little bad girl attitude (Diablita). The book is filled with pictures to bring you closer to the imaginative world of Juana. The idea is not to just read, but go somewhere inside the head of Juana and cheer her on, as she steps on one land mine after another ... Ahhh Loquita!

“Black Dog Sunday” by Carly Tinkler - A compelling coming-of-age novel - part unconventional love story, part tragedy - about one girl’s struggle to make sense of an extraordinary world.

“The Mysteries of Emile Cairo” by Tom Kay – Enter the Mysteries of Émile Cairo and solve some of the most thrilling cases involving murder and mysteries in a world of conspiracies and dark cover-ups.