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Aug 24, 2020

Joining Suzanne this week are authors David Agredano and Kenny Campbell, along with business strategist Keziah Robinson and Pam Gockley , who is Executive Director/Founder at The Camel Project: Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner.

“Reinhardt's Inferno” is a new "Epic Choice Adventure" series by David Agredano. Upon a small, rural world known as Narsei, an evil spreading beyond the boundaries of the universe has come at last. Armies of horrific beasts once thought to be myths and legends are now manifest throughout the land, their violent determination seemingly preordained. Yet, all is not lost.Awakening within the bowels of a deranged prison, captured princes Renin and Feldir Reinhardt are given a one chance opportunity at freedom. Vera Sin, a determined, mysterious elf wielding incredible arcane powers offers them her aid, and little else. A member of a rumored secret society, the Daelinloch, she hides her true identity, and her own true mission. Having no other options, however, the two warrior princes try their luck with the elven sorceress, embarking on an epic journey to discover the origin of the evil that has encompassed their land. Their only starting information is a strange summons by a powerful demon overlord to the north, beckoning them to travel to his realm.

“When You Wish Upon a Stone” is the first children’s published by Kenny Campbell and it's about having a precious stone and wondering what wishes could come true and where you could travel and what things could you see!?! It's a beautiful children’s book for ages 4- 10, so if you have grandbabies, this is right up your alley!

Keziah Robinson, CFA is a business strategist, coach, and investor with over 15 years of experience working with CEOs, founders & executive leadership across multiple industries. She is the founder of Cassia Partners, an independent advisory firm with expertise in early stage startups, pivots/turnarounds, and intrapreneurial corporate initiatives. Keziah's tailored approach incorporates elements of design thinking and behavioral science.

Pam Gockley maintains a wide range of business commitments, from the Vigilant and Gockley Associates family of businesses, to her active role as a leader in many business women's organizations. She focuses on transitioning businesses in Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing, teaching her trademarked Reputation Factor™ strategy. She is a sought-after keynote speaker for business groups, corporations, colleges and non-profit organizations.