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Sep 21, 2020

Suzanne is joined this week by social media expert Dave Kerpen and three authors: Kimber A. Leigh, “Greta Gar Bitch;” M. Kuriel, “Sensing Strange and Twisted Travels;” and C.L. Barber, “Keeper of the Keystone” and “Key to Dragon Falls.”

Dave Kerpen heads up Likeable, a social medium a software company that serves thousands of small business, and he’s the Chairman of Likeable Media a social media and content marketing agency for big brands. He’s written several amazing books but today we are focusing on his book, “Likeable Social Media.”

“Greta Gar Bitch” is Kimber Leigh’s true story of surviving severe child abuse in the most unthinkable ways. She lost her mother and 2 brothers at their own hands, but she's turned that abuse and awfulness into a beautiful life.

M. Kuriel’s book, “Sensing Strange and Twisted Travels,” is a collection of short stories following Don Orville, whose whole life implodes after he helps a blood mage. Out of the ruin, he launches a career as a travelling storyteller by visiting many unusual places in search of new audiences and the stories they share with him.

In C.L. Barber’s book, “Keeper of the Keystone,” the night a dad goes missing on his son’s first birthday, a triple murder stuns the neighborhood. The tragic events of that night remain clouded in mystery. Fourteen years later, the arrival of an old family member, leads to a 15-year-old Michael and his friends finding themselves in court full of intrigue and a desperate struggle for survival.