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Sep 28, 2020

Suzanne is joined by authors Helen Wallimann, “A Visit to Gansu Province for the Chinese New Year;” Bruce Lengeman, “Come Alive to Her Heart;” Cherice King, “The Real Happily Ever After;” and Vivian Knebel, “From Rubble to Champagne.”

Helen Wallimann was born and brought up in Cheltenham UK. After her MA from Edinburgh University she worked in publishing in Munich, Paris and London. From 1973 until 2001 she was employed as a teacher of French and English at the Kantonsschule Solothurn, Switzerland.

Bruce Lengeman has invested over 30 years of his life in the people-helping business as a church-planter, youth pastor, senior pastor, professional counselor, business consultant and writer. Bruce and his wife Ruthie, serve as the Senior Leader Couple at ACTS Covenant Fellowship Church in Lancaster, PA

Vivianne Knebel was born illegitimate in 1943 in the epicenter of Nazi power, Berlin, Germany. Her free-spirited and strong-willed mother, Marija, fought to keep her alive among falling bombs and Soviet attacks. After the end of World War II, with much of Berlin razed to the ground, Vivianne came to know poverty and constant hunger. As a teenager, she immigrated to Canada, but in her new homeland, times became so desperate that she had to beg for money to eat. After dropping out of school to find work, Vivianne became the victim of sexual harassment. Spiraling into depression, she attempted to take her life, but was miraculously saved by a six-year-old child.

In author Cherice King’s new fictional book, The REAL Happily, Ever After, readers learn more of how our choices involving who we dedicate our lives to can bring us either eternal happiness in heaven or eternal damnation in hell.