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Jul 27, 2020

DCS wrote a book called, “The-T-Axis” and it's about an Indian mind transplanted into a Caucasian body in 2100 AD. The new man Ravi wakes up to an interesting world with all its technological advances and a lifestyle that has changed beyond recognition, many interesting tidbits and paradoxes that the new world throws up. Shawna Boudreaux wrote "Peregrination Series Book 1: Earth,” where people are chosen by God to travel through portals. They travel through space and time to save the world. They battle demons, struggle with their own personal battles. You have to go through the battles and often you will come to a peaceful end. Author Fred Schofield talks about his books, “The Boardwalkers” and “A Run To Hell.” There’s an uplifting spirit to these stories. It comes to those who treasure the soul. You know, that’s the place where we keep our personal values and savor love beyond dabbling in its pleasures.